Anthony Vollelunga - Founded Valley Long Farms in Lakeport and Kelseyville, California 1975. Anthony filed the orchards as a member of Certified CCOF Organic in 2004.


Alex Vollelunga - Farm manger since 2017 and creator of The Bearded Nut™️ fine walnut products founded in 2018. He quit his teaching and coaching careers and moved his family from Texas to California to save the family farms and take care of Anthony. Valley Long Farms products start with hand picked, hand cracked and cold pressed organic premium walnut oil. Alex developed the first of its kind cannabis infused walnut oil! He enjoys hiking, biking and home brewing and dreams of having a beer bar/brewery some day.

 Alex Vollelunga - The Bearded Nut™️

Travis Rinker - Travis took interest in seed starting and plant cultivation in 2012. Each year expanding his knowledge, practice and production. After successfully growing multiple varieties of crops, Travis had a curiosity in attempting to grow chili peppers. Unaware of the challenges growing chilies can be in a Northern climate, it took three consecutive growing seasons to acquire the skills he envisioned.  It’s not just all about the heat, these chilies are packed with different flavors and health benefits. If you’re looking for a flavor enhancer a little goes a long way.” Travis sells plant starts and produce at the Lake County CA Farmers Market yearly where he met Alex Vollelunga. Together they will be expanding what is possible at Valley Long Farms. Travis enjoys nature and music. He is a skilled multi-instrumentalist with years of experience in audio recording. On guitar he is possibly the fastest finger picker in Northern California. 

Travis Rinker - Pepper Portal™️ 

Tyler Schwarz - Tyler started at Valley Long Farms in 2019. Alex, being a fan of his band Surfer Blood since its origins in 2009, was enthralled when Tyler reached out to him about helping on out at Valley Long Farms. Tyler has been involved in 2 complete yearly walnut harvests. He busts his ass right alongside Alex hand sticking and hand picking walnuts. Tyler helps with all seasonal farm labor jobs. Some of these jobs include burning, pruning, clearing, mowing, disking, rolling, planting, and harvesting. Tyler will be leading the campaign to start and run the Ancient Volcano Sessions at Valley Long Farms, an idea Alex has had since 2016. Together using the lands of Valley Long Farms on Mt. Konocti they envision a small camping music festival!  

Tyler Schwarz - Event Manager/Planner, Community Relations and Farmer.

David Vollelunga - David has helped with the walnut harvest since 2018. He is the muscle that blows the nuts. 

David Vollelunga - Walnut farmer

We are CCOF certified organic walnut orchards, totaling 57 acres. Each season we hand pick well over 1,000 walnut trees. The trees in our orchards are planted as far as 60ft apart and we’re aloud to grow very large. Our home orchard is located in Lakeport and the Kelseyville orchards are on Mt. Konocti. The Konocti orchards were planted as early as 1916 and the home orchard was planted in 1926 by Poe/Hendricks. The orchards have been dry farmed for nearly 100 yrs. All hand picked and certified organic by CCOF, we farm one of the last remaining Poe walnut orchards on earth.

We have expanded our farm featuring fresh produce and plant starts! Find us at The Lake County Farmers Finest Markets in Lakeport, Tuesdays and Saturdays. Middletown market on Fridays!  We are also expanding our farm to an onsite Air BnB and Glamping options on Mt Konocti coming soon! Stay in the StarCruiser Hippie Bus or the tented padsite, both coming soon! We boast a treehouse with a pool slide! Rumors starting about Ancient Volcano Live Music Sessions...

Find us at the Lake County Farmers Finest market on Saturdays in Lakeport at the fairgrounds from 10am to 1pm.