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Exotic organic chili pepper varieties grown from seed harvested in Summer/Fall. Products include dried chili pepper halves, dried chili pepper dust, hot sauce, salsas, infused chili pepper walnut oil, spiced walnuts, chili pepper plants in beer cans, chili pepper jams, chili pepper seeds. 

2021 Varietals include: 

Habanada, Purple UFO, Scotch Bonnet, Sweet Bonnet, Aji Lemon, Aji Charapita, Sugar Rush Peach, Chocolate Habanero, Red, White and Orange Habaneros, Red and Yellow Biquinho, Shishito, Tabasco, Purple Cayenne, Mini Bells, Jalapeños, Lemon Jalapeños, Pumpkin Jalapeños, Nadapeno, Poblano, Banana Peppers, Cherry Peppers, Lipstick, Lesya, Anaheims, Buena Mulata... 

Find fresh, dehydrated, sweet and spicy peppers at Lake County Markets 2021

2020 Pepper harvest at Valley Long Farms:

2020 Pepper Harvest at Valley Long Farms

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