Farm To Bottle Meads

Valley Long Farms hosts bee hives for No Bull Ranch honey company.  I use our onsite farm honey to create 1 gallon batches of mead.  I always use 3 lbs of honey per 1 gallon of spring water. I have at least 1 bottle remaining of all of these if not 2 :) Any farm stay includes the option of a free mead tasting!

1. "Spear My Berry Honey" - strawberry spearmint wild fermented melomel

2. "Tea Baby Honey Berry" - blackberries, black and green tea spiced metheglin/melomel

3. "Honey Covered Maple Nuts" - maple, walnuts and walnut flour mead

4.  "Hopster Cyser Blackperry" - blackberry, apple hopped mead

5. "Persimmons Please, Rosehip Mead" - persimmon and rosehip mead

6.  "Fruit Punch Boy The Minute Maiden" - blackberry, apple, grape mead

7. "Basil Boy, Pear Picked, Honey Pot" - Bartlett Pear and basil mead.

8. "Honey, My Grapple Bottom" - grape and apple mead

9. "Willamette You a Chin Wet Figgy, But a Dry Cent Hoppy" - fig mead wet and dry hopped with Willamette, Chinook and Centennial hops

10. "Leaf Juggler Batch 2020" - 18th Century recipe young tender walnut leaf mead

 11. "Fuel Fire, Mead Desire" - over 20 varieties of sweet and spicy peppers from our 2020 crop and lemon mead. Bottled May 2022.

12. "Leaf Juggler Batch 2021" - young tender walnut leaves and honey. Status fermenting. Bottling July 2022

13. "Strawpricottin" - strawberry and apricot mead. Status fermenting. Bottling May 2023

14. "Leaf Juggler Batch 2022" - young tender walnut leaf and walnut flour mead. Bottling June 2023

15. "Frambooz Drizette Du Rudamel Del Fennel"

Lake County Farm Drool Series 1. Raspberry, fennel and sour orange Rudamel Metheglin. 

- 4 lbs. Raspberries from Edenberry Farm.

- 2 whole fennel bulbs and tops from Cottonwood Farm.

- 2 Sour Oranges via Living Being Farms.

- 5 lbs. honey sourced here at Valley Long Farms from No Bull Ranch Honey Co.

- 1 1/4 gallon Cobb Mountain Spring Water

16. "Doctor Green Plum" - green plums, cannabis and decarboxylated cannabis mwead. Bottling July 2023