• The Bearded Nut Beard Oil. Our hand picked organic walnuts cracked and pressed into walnut oil, blended with argan, jojoba, vetiver, siberian fir and sandalwood oils.

The Bearded Nut™️

• The Silky Lady Hair Serum. Our hand picked organic walnuts are cracked and pressed into walnut oil, blended with argan, jojoba, vetiver, lavender and myrrh oils.

The Silky Lady


• Nothing More (Rock Band) Beard Oil. Bottle design and label art by Ben Anderson and Mark Vollelunga, Nothing More🤘🏻. Blend by The Bearded Nut™️

Nothing More Band Beard Oil


• Oliver Brewing Company beer release #666 “The Devil Made Me Do It” collab with head brewer Steve Jones. Valley Long farms sent 20lbs of in-shell walnuts used in the boil for this beer! Steve cracked out 7lbs of walnut meats and added to Imperial Stout with molasses and then was aged in red wine barrels.

VLF Collab with Oliver Brewing Company


• The Bearded Nut™️ joins Lake County Farmers’ Finest Markets in Finley, CA every Saturday at Steele Winery off highway 29.

Find The Bearded Nut™️ at the market


• The Bearded Nut™️ shows at The National Heirloom Festival in Santa Rosa, CA

farmists at the National Heirloom Festival

• Bearded Nut/RxTracts shirts

Shirts Sold Out!!!

• Valley Long Farms launches website/online store


Donated our hop crop to O'Meara Bros Brewing Co. in Lakeport for brewing their Hydrilla Killa a double west coast IPA

Valley Long Farms produce, plant starts and products found year round at Lake County markets

2021 Crop List: 

Walnuts, Peppers, tomatoes, squash, flowers, beans, okra, pumpkins, melons, cucumbers, eggplant, tomatillos, corn, ground cherries, pears, peaches, hops, goji berries, grapes

2021 Product List:

- The Bearded Nut beard oil

- The Silky Lady hair serum

- Dried Pepper Halves

- Strung Out Peppers

- Chili Dust

(blend of 30+peppers sweet, smokey and spicy)

- Hot Salsa (4 batches)

- Fermented Buena Mulata Hot Sauce

- Fermented Aji Lemon Hot Sauce

- Fermented Sugar Rush Peach Hot Sauce

Hot Damn These Jams: pear pepper, melon pepper, cucumber melon pepper, orange pear pepper, white peach raspberry fig pepper

- Walnut Butter

- Walnut Basil Pesto

- Lake County Sucks Shirts and Stickers



Valley Long Farms opens farm stays/lodging

- The Fresh Milled Room in our barn $150 per night

- Glamp Konocti deck site $80 per night (add furnished tent for 2 for an additional $80 per night)